South Africa

Premium Italian Kitchens, Bathroom Vanities and Wardrobes in South Africa. Our show room is now open in Johannesburg South.

Vabene style

Our products are the personification of Italian design and Innovation, through a wide range of colours, finishes and accessories. Our Kitchens, Bathrooms and Wardrobe systems are characterized by simplicity and elegance for a refined taste. Functional design is the key ingredient in every Vabene Product. Through our modular design elements, we ensure that your dream kitchen is not only beautiful but more importantly practical.  

Simplicity. Elegance. Refined Taste.




About us

Vabene is an International brand with over 40 years of Manufacturing experience in Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanities and Wardrobes. Our accredited South African team strives for the highest design standards.  

Vabene products are built to last. Quality is everything. Whether we provide our clients with a cost effective solution or a high end solution, the quality remains at the highest levels.

We are here to provide clients with a solution that utilizes their space to the fullest and to ensure that there is a perfect balance between design and functionality.

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