Balancing between Taste and Budget

One of the biggest causes of conflict between a customer and a kitchen company is when the client’s tastes and budget do not align. Knowing what you can afford, or being able to afford, or being prepared to pay for what you want, is vitally important for a conflict free kitchen renovation. Researching finishes and what they cost is an important process. Many consumers pick photos from magazines or Pinterest and tell the kitchen designer that this is what they want. But the reality is that certain budgets do not lend themselves to certain design trends or finishes. Many kitchens featured on social media focus on the latest materials and design styles. Often the new ‘hot and happening’ materials cost more, and while your heart might tell you that you want duco, veneer and ultra matt Nano technology laminate, your budget might not be able to stretch to it. The job of the designer is then to find alternate, more costs effective ways to give you a similar look. It is important though, that you realise that you are not getting the materials in the picture, and these new options may not react the same way to cleaning, marking and durability.

Be open minded and willing to embrace the alternate finishes offered. Have realistic expectations for what can be expected from the materials you are going to use. If you can’t compromise, then wait, save a bit more, and do the kitchen with the materials you really wanted when you have the funds. The kitchen design is also linked strongly to the budget. If you have taken an image of a kitchen which is handleless, has lots of drawers and a lot of drawer and cupboard inserts, you need to have a big budget. There is a huge move ergonomically, to focus on drawers for storage instead of cupboards. But drawers are costly, especially if you are planning on storage enhancing inserts and soft close runners. Going handleless will also put pressure on your budget as the manufacturing method and hardware is costly. Many consumers want the fancy design and materials but either can’t afford them, or are not prepared to pay the price for them.

The market has a variety of companies all having different expertise. It is important to remember that high end products and materials require high end specialists to work with them in order for the job to be successful. Specialised manufacturing and highly trained staff are needed to work with certain design styles and aligning your taste with your budget. Because these companies are specialist in their area, they charge accordingly. The big problem arises when consumers approach a more cost-effective company and ask them to work with the high-end materials and hardware in order to save a buck or two. This can only lead to disaster. If a company does not work with specific materials and hardware regularly, their factory and staff will be unfamiliar with the specifics and technicalities of working with and installing the product. This means that when the kitchen is installed, the required attention to detail and precision is not in place for the materials to look their best or work properly. If you are wanting a high-end kitchen, then save up and go to a company that specialises in high end finishes and design.

A good kitchen does not come cheap. Make sure your expectations are aligned with what your selected company can deliver. Their showroom should be a good indicator of this. The consumer should expect the installed product to reflect the quality that is installed in the company’s showroom. If you do not see a particular style you like, but the sales consultant has assured you they are able to produce this – ask for client referrals and visit these sites to put your mind at ease. In order to make your dream kitchen a reality, you need to ensure that the company you choose is capable of delivering what you want; that you have come to terms with the limitations of any materials you may opt to work with, and that you are aware what your budget can buy you. This is the only way to avoid disappointment and conflict between yourself and the kitchen company. Every kitchen company specialises in a particular price bracket due to the materials they work with most regularly and the hardware and other products they opt to recommend to their customers. There is a company to accommodate all tastes and budgets. Make sure you find the right realistic fit for you.